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Our Proven Reputation Optimization Process for Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants
This process can be custom-tailored for your unique needs or for any service industry.
 Whether it is the Guest Experience, Patient Experience, Member Experience, Resident Experience or Customer Experience, all businesses can benefit from 5-Star Hospitality. 
“The way to gain good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.”- Socrates

If you are looking for a way to optimize your hotel’s or service business recovery and come out stronger on the other side, there is no more affordable, effective, and enjoyable way than to invest a few months in enhancing or even transforming your company's on and offline reputation.


Achieving your business’ optimal reputation and guest experience performance is a bit like achieving your optimal fitness level. How long the process will take depends on your starting point, your goals, and how committed you are to maintaining a daily practice. But, no matter what, working with the right coach on a consistent schedule that works for you will set you up over time with habits for a healthier, more satisfying, and more successful life.


There are excellent reputation management tools that can help you aggregate reviews and report back with a semantic analysis on where the rough spots are, but to dramatically change your outcomes, you need to know how to apply those insights to close the gaps between what we say about our business and what happens when our guests say that their personal experience missed the mark.


As your 5-Star success coach, I will take you by the hand and walk you through every step of the way as you learn techniques and philosophies that will support your goals. I will customize the experience to fit your unique needs and schedule. I will be there to keep you and your team motivated and help you stay focused on identifying and implementing practical actions throughout your work-life that are designed to give you significant, long term results as you begin to master the art and science of reputation marketing.

Although plans will vary, here is a general outline of the reputation transformation process.


Step 1. Free Reputation Assessment-(a $250 Value)

Sign up for a free initial no-obligation consultation, and Reputation Assessment. Prior to the meeting, I will research what you have accomplished so far and where there may be gaps between the brand promise and delivery. Then, we can meet online to discuss your overall goals, challenges, and opportunities, and how we may be of service. (A $250 value). If you are ready to proceed, we can move to step 2.


Step 2. Optional Discovery Day - up to $1,500 depending on a partial or full-day. 

On this day, we will conduct one-on-one meetings throughout the day with your department heads and key management stakeholders to learn what is working well and what they feel may be holding them back from optimal performance. This meeting is designed as a launch to a full Reputation Transformation. However, it is not only a diagnostic tool; it is the beginning of the program and should provide value, inspiration, and actionable steps right from the start.


Step 3. Proposal for Your Reputation Transformation

After either the Reputation Assessment Session or the Discover Day, I will prepare a proposal that is customized to help you achieve your goals, with options to accommodate your monthly budget and your time availability. The proposal will detail whether we will have a video conference call one or two times a week, or if due to the size and complexity of the hotel we will meet 3-4 times a week. We may decide to begin with more time each week until we achieve initial urgent goals and then move to once a week once the team has started to see results and embrace the system on their own. 

Your Reputation Transformation Program Proposal Inclusions:
Package options start as low as $2,500 per month for a term of 3 months or more and will include:

  • Brief video lessons to support your progress and transformation

  • Scheduled video conference coaching calls focused on your guest feedback

  • Email access for support for questions and any urgent negative feedback

  • Plus, any other custom feature add-ons as determined from our Discovery Day

During the Program: 

The hotel's leadership team working with me will learn how to successfully:

  • Create a vision that engages and motivates the team

  • Identify critical issues in negative feedback

  • Investigate root causes, not just proximate causes

  • Determine the traveler’s journey of touchpoints

  • Design the magical moments that will enhance each touchpoint

  • Curate communications that will enhance the experience for guests

  • Enhance Team communications that break down information silos

  • Plus learn to Hire, Train, Coach, Empower, Support, and Inspire Teams to reveal their full potential.

  • Convert more business by using reviews, ratings, and rankings in sales and marketing initiatives


Plus, participants will receive in-depth training on responding to reviews:

The team that works with me will also learn how to respond to reviews in a collaborative way, achieving the best results. They will learn to address negative feedback in a way that creates trust and esteem for the hotel brand. Additionally, they will learn the best practices for various responses and when to implement them:

  • Positive, negative, or hybrid reviews.

  • Internal vs External responses.

  • Public and Private Responses

  • Short and Quick Responses vs Long Detailed Responses

For a typical small to a medium-sized hotel, contact pricing starts at $2,500- $5,000 per month for 3  months or more. Cancel anytime after 3 months with just 14 days’ notice. Should you need more time, you may continue working month to month until you’ve reached your goals on the Reputation Transformation Program. Multiple hotel pricing options are also available.

Step 4. A Culture of Continuous Improvement

This is more than a maintenance plan. A great hotel must always continue to listen to our guests and adapt to their ever-changing needs. With a set monthly meeting and attention as needed when negative feedback issues arise, we can keep your team on track, always building your brand reputation while addressing any urgent issues brought up through your reviews. Pricing varies depending on your hotel’s needs.

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