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Hello hospitality stars! I'm Adele Gutman,  a 40-year veteran of the hospitality industry and the creator of The Five-star Review System. Welcome to Get Great Guest Reviews -The Podcast!


I created this show not only for hotel owners and hospitality leaders but for all explorers of Hospitality Excellence. Those who are always ready to reach for the stars when it comes to inspiring five-star reviews, and inspiring happiness from guests,  customers, members,  residents, patients, and of course our own team members.

Online reviews have changed the way people make buying decisions, and this is especially true when it comes to travel and experiences.


To be financially successful, we need to fully utilize and empower the collective intelligence of every team member. We need to find ways our team can stay inspired and grow every day. And, we need to break down the silos between sales, marketing, revenue, and guest experience and operations.  Only by working as one team, focused on an inspirational vision of the positive impact we can make in the lives of our guests, our team members, and our communities, can we build the brand reputation and loyalty that creates fans and draws in new customers like a magnet.

Each week, we will examine new mindsets, tools, tactics, and strategies to create a work culture we dream of, building loyalty and elevating the perceived value of our experiences.

You don’t have to be a five-star hotel to deliver five-star experiences and inspire five-star reviews.

Don’t let mixed reviews be an obstacle to profitability. There is no revenue optimization without reputation optimization.

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