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Sébastien Feliz Sébastien -Founder, Influence Society

Adele is really talented. She always has great ideas and loves to try new and innovative concepts that qualifies her as a really disruptive hotelier!


Vaibhav Sood

Maestro PMS

Adele is one of the best mentors I had in my life.
Thanks Adele for being a great mentor and a visionary in the hospitality industry.


Holly Zoba-Scout Simply and Influencer Sales Training

I was thrilled when I saw that she was now working with other organizations to share that wisdom. Hire Adele right away, you will see the return!

Peter Velk

Peter Velk -Managing Director Library Hotel Collection

We have been thrilled to see all of our hotels reap the rewards of focusing on Guest Satisfaction thanks to Adele's passion and coaching.


Henry Kallan -Founder
Library Hotel Collection

Working with Adele was a great experience and I highly recommend her to any hotelier looking to stand out from the competition.


Ben Hanley - Founder Three And Six Agency

Adele has the inimitable ability to capture her listeners’ attention with her palatable passion for many topics and the crystal-clear way in which she conveys ideas, thoughts and opinions. 


Kimberly Watson DOSM 
Library Hotel Collection

As a hotelier, if you want to optimize revenue, you can't afford not to focus on Guest Experience and Reviews.  Adele has the talent to help any hotel reach their full potential.

Rich Tuckwll-Skuda.jpg

Rich Tuckwell-Skuda

RTS Hospitality

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Adele teach groups of hoteliers how to engage guests several times... Adele is a Marketing visionary and if you ever get the chance to pick her brains, DO!

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