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How to Develop Your Reputation for Excellence with Nick Faitos of Starbright Floral Design

Updated: May 23, 2022

Reputation Cultivation isn't essential only for hotels, restaurants, and supporting industries; it is mission-critical for all service professionals. Our businesses grow as we build relationships that are based on integrity, authenticity, and trust. We build brand loyalty and awareness when we create those wow moments that inspire beautiful experiences, memories, and stories to be shared.

No one is a finer expert in designing wow moments and building trusted relationships than my guest this week, Nick Faitos, Senior Partner of Starbright Floral Design, the premier florist for the hospitality industry in New York City and beyond.

Welcome to Get Great Guest Reviews, the Podcast.

Here are a few highlights from my conversation with Nick Faitos of Starbright Floral Design.

Be ready to make things happen for the people you care about, your customers! Be realistic, and paint expectations in a positive and confident way. Never be unwilling to serve.

Keep your brand promises:

"You can't say something beautiful and send something ugly."

"It's about the promises we keep and unexpected amazement."

The Customer Experience is so important: "Sending flowers should be the happiest of experiences."

Add a little extra touch that's unexpected to create positive memories and loyalty.

Here are some ways Nick creates loyalty:

  • On request, they will send a photo of the flowers before it goes onto the truck for delivery. Wow! That's service!

  • They will also send a confirmation upon arrival. No more wondering if the recipient got the flowers!

  • A thank you note at a later date offering VIP attention.

Commit to continuous improvement: Nick says he is learning every day from feedback from Concierge as well as from unrelated experiences.

You can learn from your experiences with other industries: As you go through life, look at what other companies do to stand out and find ways to apply fresh concepts into your business.

Building connections: From that initial moment of connection, why not take the next step to convert that moment into a memorable bond?

Live your mission and values. To create a great culture at your company, do what you preach. If your team sees you not being completely authentic with your customer, they may in turn think it is okay to be not completely straight with you inside the organization.

Help your team find pleasure in work. Be careful not to kill their joy. Feel-good moments are part of our industry and should be there not only for your customers but also, for your employees.

I hope you listen to the podcast and enjoy all of Nick's wisdom!

If you need help creating a culture that inspires five stars at your business, please let me know. I would be happy to chat through any obstacles you may be facing on your quest to reach for the stars!


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