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2021 Highlights- CRM- Our Secret Weapon to Avoid Guest Disappointment and Elevate Guest Loyalty

In early 2021 (before I changed my company name from Aspire Reputation Marketing to Adele Gutman Associates LLC) I visited the charming and brilliant Jason Emanis on the show, Soundbites.

One of the topics we discussed I really did not have enough time to delve into as much as I wished to was how to use your pre-stay email as your secret weapon to ease guests' pain points as you become aware of them through guest reviews or employee feedback.

I actually wrote an article about it, but life got in the way, and somehow I never posted it!

So here it is for you today, below. This system was able to help me significantly reduce unwelcome surprises for guests when they arrive. Communication is the key to a great relationship with your customer.

When guests face unwelcome surprises at the front desk, we burden our front line team members with recurring frustration that kills their joy of hospitality which is critical to employee satisfaction, guest happiness, and our hotel's financial results. It is up to us in Commercial Strategy...sales, marketing, and revenue, to do all we can to communicate with our guests in a way that assures they arrive knowing everything they need to have a great stay! I hope you enjoy this great memory video and the follow-up article in the accompanying post. Click on the image below to access it.

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