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Tips From the #1 B&B in the World on Tripadvisor- The 25 Boutique B&B owner, Andy Banner-Price.

What happens when a Customer Experience professional and his partner decide to open a business together with a great love for entertaining but no professional hospitality background?

The Top 25 Boutique B&B won the title Best B&B in the world on Tripadvisor! Twice! In 2019 and in 2020.

In the end, a whole lot of hard work, and steep learning curve, and a world of on-the-job training, led to phenomenal success.

Learn how these owners applied their passion for making guests feel welcome combined with a disciplined daily devotion to continuous improvement that made them two of the foremost leaders in the alternative accommodations field.

If you are a hospitality professional, or someone with a dream of making a success of your own hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or even a vacation rental, don’t miss this success story from Andy Banner- Price, one of the co-owners of the 25 Boutique B&B in the UK.

How did they do it?

Identify the Goal:

Andy and Julien had an advantage in that they understood that they needed to have fantastic reviews to be noticed in a sea of Bed and Breakfasts and hotels in the area. Their marketing strategy was to be on the first page on Tripadvisor, or even better, on top of the list in their area.

Commit to Excellence in Hospitality:

A great, personalized welcome experience with welcome drinks and nibbles creates a connection of trust and sets the tone for a great visit. When guests know you care, they trust that they would be able to count on you throughout the stay to help them if they need anything to be more comfortable.

Be an Ambassador to Happiness:

Being a local expert, making personal connections in the area helps you become a trusted advisor with insider information to guide each guest to their preferred adventure or retreat.

Anticipating needs and having a tool kit of assorted options available in advance for every contingency helped Andy and Julian become hospitality heroes for their guests.

Authentic Prestay Communications Set the Stage for Success:

They made sure that their website clearly indicated who they were and who they were not a fit for. They focused on adult individuals and couples, not pets, children, or groups. That way they could better control the ideal experience for their target audience and minimize disappointment.

Personalized prestay communications ensured each guest's visit was well planned in advance to ensure that each guest could enjoy the experience they dreamed of.

Check the Temperature of Your Guests:

During the stay, be sure to check in with guests to see how everything is going. You want to be able to quickly intercede if there is anything that needs attention to correct or enhance an experience that is not exceeding expectations. Leave nothing to chance that could position your accommodation with a less than stellar review.

They were sure to invite feedback during the stay so that they could garner ideas for improvement. They didn’t just listen; they actually implemented the ideas. It’s the little things that mean the most, so even the smallest suggested detail was considered and implemented when possible.

Distinguish Your Property from Competition

Andy and Julian designed the experience in a unique way that they would love and trusted that there would be a niche audience that would be willing to pay more for a unique and personalized experience.

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