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The Missing KPI All Hotels Need to Track as a Team: NPS

When I was the VP of Sales, Marketing, and Revenue of the Library Hotel Collection, we repeatedly had the highest GPI, Global Review Index Score of any luxury hotel brand in the world, as high as 96.1% according to ReviewPro. We did it by using the 5-Star Review System I developed over the years. One of the key elements of the system is that the entire company joined me in monitoring and celebrating our achievements in Guest Satisfaction as we watched our ratings and rankings on Tripadvisor go higher and higher, along with our revenue and our employee satisfaction!

Although we monitored our Guest Satisfaction Scores and Rankings as a team every day, I only wish I had understood at that time what I know now about NPS (Net Promotor Scores) and how to calculate them using our reviews. In this quick video, I explain the importance of this KPI, the impact on loyalty, and how you can calculate it for yourself.

No matter where you are with your NPS, you can always do better! Only by living in a culture of caring, collaboration, and continuous improvement can we gain and maintain our lead amongst our competition and incrementally evolve along with our customers' ever-changing needs and desires.

I would love to know if you try this calculation and what your reaction is. Were you surprised by the score? Don't worry! I think most people are. It's like getting on a scale to find you are not quite as fit as you hoped. But only by facing the facts of where you are today can you see the wonderful opportunity that you have to excellent operational and communication fitness that will lead you to better scores tomorrow and financial success!

Please be sure to send me a comment or any questions you may have about how to elevate your NPS as a part of your sales, marketing, and revenue strategy.

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