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How to Rank #1 on Tripadvisor - Secrets that Work

I want to thank Max Landesman for inviting me to join him for a conversation about how I was able to help so many hotel managers lead their teams to be wildly successful on Tripadvisor.

While I can't distill 40 years of experience into a soundbite, if you follow the outline of these principles with passion and daily devotion, you too can climb the charts on Tripadvisor, Google, and other review sites as you learn to inspire a sunshower of five-star reviews.

Labor issues are now crippling hotels as the hospitality industry tries to recover. Amazingly, the efforts that you make to promote loyalty and guest satisfaction also work simultaneously to promote employee satisfaction. And just as great word of mouth and great reviews from guests act like a magnet to attract future travelers, passionate and enthusiastic employees also help retain and attract future hospitality stars.

If you are struggling to keep your hotel and restaurant staff feeling inspired, engaged, and empowered, please feel free to contact me for a customized program to get you on track!


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