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The Hotel Mogel - Creating Experiences that Inspire Five Stars

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

For creative minds always looking for ways to provide more value, convenience, and joy to their guests or customers, the world is a garden of new ideas, ready to be sniffed, picked, and fused into our business's recipe for success.

Larry Mogelonsky, The Hotel Mogel, is the most prolific author on hospitality with over 1000 articles published over the last decade, and six books, including the latest two, Hotel Mogel and More Hotel Mogel, which is on my desk now, and I highly recommend it.

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A few quotes from our chat: About traveling for inspiration, before Covid, Larry and his brilliant wife Maureen traveled 30% of the time and tried to visit over 35 new hotels each year.

“The goal in going to a new property any property for or from my standpoint is learning what is it that this hotel is doing that is new or unique or different that can be applied to other hotels to either to improve revenue, improve loyalty, improve guest satisfaction, or create a new experience”

“There is so much we can learn from each other so many opportunities so we can take advantage of to enhance how we operate how we live and importantly how we as hoteliers can do our job better and it represents another one of those seismic shifts which are going to change how we look at hotels, and importantly how hoteliers look at their guests.”

About the Guest Forward Concept:

“It’s all about you- the guest. It’s not about us. We are going to take care of you as best we can within the facility that we have. No, we haven’t put in the fastest elevators, and the world’s thickest mattresses, and the world’s largest bathrooms, because that doesn’t matter to you. Ultimately, what matters to you is, do you feel comfortable. What matters is that the guest feels good about being there and if you do that, that will be reflected in the reviews very quickly.”

“The flip side is don't pay attention don't do anything don't handle reviews people start to get surly and nasty and you don't care and watch what happens to your ADR your revenue and your percent occupancy and your staff who won't be happy because guests are not happy and the spiral will spin downward very quickly.”

Larry is also the Managing Director of Hotel Mogel Consulting.


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