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Go From Housekeeping Woes to Housekeeping Wows with the Art of Housekeeping Expert, Lonny Wolfe

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Watch the Premiere on YouTube Live on October 4th, at 4 PM Eastern.

The Audio format is already available:

The Art of Housekeeping owner, Lonny Wolfe returns to our podcast with powerful words of advice for hoteliers challenged with mixed reviews due to housekeeping issues.

Just as the COVID-19 crisis increased the need for the hospitality industry to inspire trust with travelers on our cleanliness and hygiene practices, our hotels, restaurants, airlines, and attractions were thrown into a second crisis- how to hire and retain sufficient housekeeping staff.

While many brands and hospitality associations have galvanized the industry, providing hotels with guidance, the volume of mixed reviews and poor reviews indicate that on-property leadership and their teams are still struggling to achieve cleanliness levels that guests consider essential.

The world may refer to “The Great Resignation”, but in the case of hospitality, it was simply a lack of desire to return back to hospitality housekeeping work the way it previouslyy existed. When the enhanced federal unemployment support ended, hotels were disappointed that their teams still failed to return in full force to hotels. Many left hospitality for less stressful, higher-paid jobs with more benefits, fewer hours, better schedules, and a better work-life balance.

There has been a lot of discussion about the need to enhance the employee experience in the industry, but it makes one wonder why it takes a global pandemic to make many of us in the industry start think about treating our teams with the same care and compassion we want them to give to our guests.

The Hospitality Industry recently celebrated Housekeeping Week, a time when hotel leadership takes the time to show extra appreciation for our hard-working housekeeping teams, but the time has come to show appreciation to all our staff every day.

Lonny Wolfe, Owner of the new company, The Art of Hospitality, is a former GM who is a shining example of how you can challenge your team every day, set the highest standards and expectations of excellence, and keep a loyal, engaged, high-performance team who stayed with the hotel year after year. Year after year, the 3-Star hotel was one of the highest-guest rated hotels in the entire state of Florida, thanks to an unwavering flow of five-star reviews, even throughout the crisis.

In this conversation we discussed:

Being humble, while setting high expectations

How to inspire your team

How to prepare your team for a victorious day every day

How to cool down an agitated guest

How to build trust with your guests

Creating moments and earning memories

I do hope you all will enjoy this conversation with Lonny as much as I did. He shows hotels more than the Art of Housekeeping but rather how to create employee and guest loyalty, starting with the hardest working people on any property, the housekeeping team.

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