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How to Inspire Great Restaurant Reviews with Ken McGarrie, Author of the Surprise Restaurant Manager

Hello Hospitality Stars! Are you ready to talk about what restaurant managers need to know about inspiring Five Star Guest Reviews?

Ken McGarrie, Author of The Surprise Restaurant Manager recently joined Adele on the Hospitality Reputation Marketing Podcast.

We had a great conversation about restaurant management and culture that is so important for our industry now. You won't want to miss it.

Ken McGarrie shared many insights on restaurant management success including:

• How to turn 1-star reviewers into loyal diners

• How to inspire your restaurant team to peak performance

• Essential elements for an inspiring pre-shift huddle

• How to build a reputation with great reviews starting at the interview process

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If you wish to inspire five stars on your guest, customer, or patient reviews, this is the podcast for you. You will find inspiration from a variety of experts including those who have actually led the industry by achieving astonishing results.

Please let me know from where you are sitting, what challenges are keeping your team to inspire great reviews. Send me your questions and I will be delighted to answer you directly and/or include the answers in a future post.

Until next time, keep reaching for the stars!


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