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2021 Highlights- The Culture Panel of the Global Hospitality Summit

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Is there anything more important than Culture in creating a successful hospitality workplace?

In the days of The Great Resignation and heightened guest expectations, making guests and our teams feel cared for appreciated, and respected at every encounter should be at the top of our 2022 agenda.


It was a great honor and pleasure to have an important conversation about building a great hospitality culture at the 2021 Global Hospitality Summit.

I would be thrilled to share the stage with Calvin Stovall and Chris Puntureri any day of the week. Come to think of it, I think we could have talked for a week on this topic alone!

I am also delighted to share the keynote speech by the legendary hospitality leader, Horst Schultze. I assure you that every word Mr. Shultze shares is a pearl of wisdom. His book, Excellence Wins should be required reading for all hospitality professionals.

I hope that you all will enjoy these videos. May they inspire and guide you to better days in 2022! Link:

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